Clement Yetman

Clement Yetman of the Royal Naval Reserve was born 14th August 1892, Harbour Grace South, Newfoundland son of Moses and Selina.
He was just 24 years old when he was lost by the sinking of the Laurentic while returning on furlough after an absence of 2 1/4 years.
Yetman had first left his native Harbour Grace South in December, 1914, as a Royal Naval Reserve Seaman on board the the S.S. Mongolian. He then served on a converted fishing trawler, the ‘Magpie’, working on minesweeping duty. Clement was well-used to life on a trawler, and life at sea. His father owned a schooner and fished the waters off the Labrador coast north of Newfoundland, and as the second oldest of six brothers, Clement would have followed in his father’s footsteps and began his life at sea early. But he would not have the chance to take over the boat from his father. Yetman was killed in the Laurentic disaster, and would never return to his native Newfoundland.

Gravestone in Saint Peter’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Harbor Grace, Newfoundland

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