Arthur Edward White

Seaman Arthur Edward White of the Newfoundland RNR, was the son of George and Nellie White of Shalop Cove, St George’s, Newfoundland. He was born on the 14th of July 1890. His body was recovered from the disaster and is buried in St Mura’s Churchyard in Fahan, County Donegal.

The Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve was formed in 1899, with a maximum strength of 600 men, and at the outbreak of war it numbered 565. It was trained in winter, and in August 1914, the men on its roll were dispersed over the North Atlantic; but by the end of the month it was mustered to full strength on the training ship Briton at St. John’s. During the course of the war, 192 Newfoundland Reservists would die in action, with more than one hundred invalided out of service including Ephraim Freake, discharged on medical grounds as a result of a boyhood eye injury. Arthur, Ephraim and another twenty or so Newfoundlanders would perish on that fateful night over a century ago.

Source: White Family, St George’s, Newfoundland

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